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      Carrying out commercial activities in the international field for more than 30 years, Fimka Companies continue to grow sustainably thanks to its values and outstanding initiatives in the business world. Fimka Companies are currently managed by the 1st and 2nd generation and prepares itself for a 3rd generation manager with the right steps by realizing Corporate Development Processes.


      Presenting its past experience blended with its innovative approach to its customers and business partners in all sectors where it operates, Fimka Group aims to have a permanent place in the business world by renewing itself and its business processes with a perfectionist approach.

    • EXPERT

      Providing services with a young staff with experience and background knowledge in different fields in the sector it operates, Fimka Companies have established an Organization Structure, which can make Quick and Result-Oriented decisions and continues to extend its International Happy Customer Portfolio every day thanks to its Expert Staff.


      Providing Fast, Reliable and Quality Services to its customers, Fimka Group carries out operations in 26 languages in 101 counties over 5 continents. Reinforcing its power with its Reliable and Transparent business approach, Fimka Companies continue to carry out its operations, which add value and provide benefits to its business partners.


FİMKA GROUP held the first meeting of 2013

FİMKA GROUP organized an evaluation meeting for 2012 at the “Taksim Abant Palace” with all its employees in the first week of 2013.

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